UNAUTHORIZED Edition of Adventures of Obatala Volume One (Second Edition)

Authorized 2nd Edition coming soon!

There is a second edition to this book coming out in the near future but the one below is NOT authorized by Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon to be published or sold.

Unauthorized 2nd Edition:  Please do not buy!!

BEWARE:  This book below is an UNAUTHORIZED EDITION of
Adventures of Obatala, Volume One (Second Edition)

1st edition still available for sale online and in bookstores

Adventures of Obatala Volume One (First edition) is the ONLY authorized Edition by Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon. (Pictured Below)

WITTNESS (Eleri): Narrator Ifayemi Elebuibon

The exceptional story telling skill and in depth knowledge of the Yoruba people, their culture and tradition was beautifully expressed by Ifayemi Elebuibon in our movie ‪#‎Witness‬ ‪#‎Eleri‬

About Witness (Eleri)

What is life... madness, An illusion, a shadow, a story? The greatest good is little enough; Life is a dream, and dreams themselves are only dreams. But you need a Witness through this dream.

The quintessential story of how the love of money corrupts the individual and ultimately the society. The life essence of a community is sold for money that results into disaster for every member of the society. Ayan-angalu drum,the soul of Ilu-La community is exchanged for money. The transaction is done through Chief Bamgboye the ultimate greedy business man, an unwillingly, helpless Prince Aderoju of Ilu-La, the president and top members of the Drummers Guild of the community to Mr Fox, a white business man. The film potrays the white man insatiable greed of acquiring artifacts and desecration of other peoples' cultures without regard for its consequences on the people involved.

Like an evil wind that blow no good, Aderoju in trying to save the life's of his wife and child, gets the ancient, sacred and mystical drum,on the threat of the destruction of his family, through false pretenses and gifts of filthy lucre and still looses the wife and ends up with an ailing child and a messed-up life. A mixture of Yoruba traditional life and beliefs, modern city life, seamlessly flowing into one another makes the film a pleasant experience.

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