Women in Yoruba Tradition with Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon

Interview with Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon, during his visit to Brazil in january 2016. In this video Araba speaks about the role of women in Yoruba tradition. The interview took place at Ijọ Ifá Ọpá Adimula - São José dos Campos, Brazil ... http://www.babalawo.com.br

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The Story of Kujoyi the Offspring of Otero

Kujoyi was a brave elephant hunter and his wife ask him to give her tusk from the elephant every now and then. She keep asking her husband for this so she can be proud as a wife of powerful hunter.

Kujoyi went inside the powerful jar and used sacred water to rub his body when he went to the forest to hunt for the elephant. He met it in a place where the elephant eat his break fast.

The elephant responds is “That not Kujoyi”

Kujoyii said, “It was me”

Elephant said, “You better turn back if not you will be arrested”.

Kujoyi came back home and his wife demand elephant tusk again

On the third occasion, the elephant arrested Kujoyi and carry him back.

When he arrived at Ikirun Agunbe they were ask “is that not Kujoyi”?

He responded, “it is me”.

They siad “by the time you kill animal you don't share it with us”.

Kujoyi said, “don't mock me let me follow my destiny”.

Finally, they arrive at Eko Lagos. They ask Kujoyi, “What was the problem?”

He narrate to them.

Why don't you recite incantation, the eyes of indigo dyer could not see the inside”

Kujoyi said, “I said so”

Why don't you chant, tthe eyes of pot maker could not see inside”?

Kujoyi said, “I said so but elephant reject it”

Why don't you say the eyes of a pregnant woman could not see her private part”?

Kujoyi said, “i said so but elephant reject it.”

The nose could only see the eyes briefly
The sheep is always look sluggishly
The rat that was put inside a gourd could not see
The chant helped Kujoyi to get out of the elephant
Finally, Kujoyi was release from elephant.

Who is at fault?

The family reject Kujoyi to come back home because they thought he had died and they had performed funeral rite and is it his wife who sent him to kill the elephant or is it Kujoyi himself or the family.