Invitation to the 2015 Annual Ogbeyonu Festival

You are invited to join us for our annual Ogbeyonu  Festival in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria.  The festival will commence from Thursday,rs September 10th to Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 at the compound of Araba Elebuibon.

Schedule of Events

September 10th

Feast will be made to the kingmakers 

Offering and activation of Ikin Ifa Agabluu (the Ikin Ifa of city of Osogbo)

September 11th: 

Host all traditional chief of Osogbo food and drinks 

September 12th:  

Offering  and  activation  of ikin Ifa Ogbeyonu in the morning (the leaf and other items use to activate ikins at Ogbeyonu  temple)

4pm four leg animal to the ikin

6pm serve dinner of asun stew food and drinks  

September 13th:

In the morning, pay homage to the ancestor and unveiling of  the  plaque at Oluode compound

2pm  music  and  dance  till dawn

September 14th:  

Annual divination and ebo will be made

September 15th:

Offering to Ori, Olofin, Egungun and Obatala

September 16th: 

Offerings to orisa ibeji to conclude the annual Ogbeyonu Festival

Affiz Oyetoro (Saka), Yemi Elebuibon, Londoner, Star In Suzanne Wenger Movie!

The movie Suzanne Wenger, a biopic by Joshua Ojo and starring Affiz Oyetoro (Saka), Yemi Elebuibon, Londoner, Justina Onitchabor, Jessica (German who played Suzanne Wenger) hits selected cinemas from July 24th 2015. The movie which is inspired by true events, tells the story of Suzanne Wenger, an Austrian who leaves her country to settle down in Nigeria. Intrigued by the traditional arts and love for nature, she explores the possibility of doing the impossible, by getting into the circle of the chosen ones. Her move is rebuffed and series of setbacks that would take her on a journey she never bargained for begins.
For those who do not know who Suzanne Wenger was, she came to Nigeria with her husband and soon became ill due to tuberculosis. She was attracted to the yoruba religion after meeting one of the few priests and turned to it. She founded the art school “New Sacred Art” and became the guardian of the Sacred Grove of Osun goddess on the banks of the Osun River in Oshogbo. The sculptures there belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. She passed on at the age of 94 in Oshogbo.
The movie was produced and directed by Joshua Ojo, former Fuji House of Commotion star…watch at the cinemas and let us know what you think…